our mission 

We are *passionate* about shopping small and supporting local businesses but we understand how much easier it can be to shop at national online retailers. As much as people love the idea of shopping small, time to browse many different shops is a luxury most of us don't have. 

Our aim is to increase the visibility and resilience of independent retail in the Hudson Valley while bringing the offerings of the main streets to the people that live here.

Our directory will be updated weekly and will be a great place to learn what is available throughout the Hudson Valley. In the coming months we will be rolling out our product directory to help make shopping local as easy and convenient as shopping at those big box and online stores.

about us

Shouting Distance is founded by Hannah Holdsworth and supported big time by Christine Baker. We are sisters, mothers, and Hudson Valley retail enthusiasts.

Hannah has two decades of design experience in print, digital, and web design and has a fierce commitment to shopping local. When her oldest son needed a new coat last winter, she went to a few stores in town, then further afield to the only other small store she knew would have kids clothing. Coming home empty handed, she wound up ordering one online from a large chain wishing there was a tool that could have helped her find the coat locally. Experiences like this one gave her the idea (and personal motivation!) for Shouting Distance.

Christine has spent more than a decade working in small businesses and has a deep appreciation for the unique value they bring and the challenges they face. She draws from experience in marketing, sales, and community building in her work with Shouting Distance. Christine and her husband graduated from Bard College and returned to the Hudson Valley to be closer to family, farms, and forests.