Community Standards

The mission of Shouting Distance is to increase the visibility and resilience of independent retail in the Hudson Valley. We operate from an abundance mindset, with the belief that businesses benefit by supporting other businesses. Our community standards reflect that belief. Shouting Distance and sellers have an At-Will relationship. Shouting Distance reserves the right to moderate the marketplace, including the right to remove a shop from the platform if these standards are violated. Sellers may also remove their business from the marketplace at any time.

  • PRICING. We ask that sellers abide by MSRP when setting prices for their products, except during sales. Intentionally undercutting other shops or gouging customers is not in keeping with the Shouting Distance mission. 

  • COMMUNICATION. Please treat all other members of the Shouting Distance community (shopkeepers, customers, and staff) with respect. We have a zero tolerance policy for hate speech, discrimination, harassment, and any kind of deliberate antagonism. 
  • PRODUCTS & DESCRIPTIONS. Shouting Distance is here to serve a diverse range of people. Shops are free to sell any items that are not expressly prohibited (see list here), however we ask for sensitivity to the range of ages and sensibilities using the site. If you are selling an item that may not be regarded as “family friendly,” please be considerate when describing or tagging the product. For instance if you want to sell a vibrator, you could use the tags “vibrator” and “personal massager,” but please do not use the tag “toy.”

  • FULFILLMENT. Every shop is entitled to set the shipping parameters that work for them as long as those parameters are clearly stated and orders are fulfilled within the given time frame. 

  • BE NEIGHBORLY. We’re talking Mr. Rogers style neighborly. By joining the Shouting Distance community, you are committing to resolving any potential conflicts amicably and to both giving and receiving help.